MISSION STATEMENT:  The Nate James Boys & Girls Basketball Camp will be
geared towards building kid's talent by teaching them the basic
fundamentals of basketball with proper essentials such as hard work,
discipline, dedication, and the willingness to make sacrifices which can
help achieve success on and off the court.

CAMP OBJECTIVE:  The primary purpose of our camp is to help make you a
better basketball player. This camp is designed to improve the skill level of
all players. The staff is highly qualified and motivated to help our camp
and the individual participants reach our objectives. We are enthusiastic
about making your camp experience rewarding and enjoyable.

DIRECTOR'S VISION:  The Durham Community has treated me extremely
well since I arrived here in 1996. This camp is my way of expressing my
appreciation and I thought it would be a wonderful way to impact the
community that have given so much to me. The goal of the camp is to
develop, nurture and expand our camper's concept of and passion for the
great game of basketball. Furthermore and most importantly, I hope to
inspire campers to embrace the game and expand their vision of 'the
possible' on and off the court with the help of some of the best players in
ACC history!
Boys & Girls Basketball Camp